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Why Switch To LED Lighting?

When we arrive at a premises to survey ready for an electrical project, we are often very surprised at the lack of buildings that still do not have LED lighting installed. By now, virtually everyone knows the benefits of having LED lighting in their premises consisting of cheaper energy bills all the way to being able to better layout the lighting for your staff.

So with that being said, why is there not more people investing LED lighting for their premises? This blog post aims to find that out, as well as why you should make switching to LED lighting a priority for the conclusion of the year.

Why Aren’t More People Switching to LEDs?

With all of the studies around the benefits of LED lighting, it’s a wonder why more and more people aren’t jumping to make the switch! There are reasons for this however. The expense of initially switching to LEDs, especially for commercial premises is nearly always the main worry.

For domestic premises, this is not going to be so much of an issue as you will not be buying a lot of LED panels or bulbs. However, running a commercial premises is a different kettle of fish and you could, potentially, be investing in hundreds or thousands of LED panels depending on the size of your premises.

However, if you are working with an experienced commercial electrician, the cost will not be as much as first feared. Add in the fact that LED panels and bulbs repay themselves a lot quicker than filament bulbs, then you cannot go wrong.

So, What are the Benefits?

There are a wide array of benefits to switching to LED panels for your commercial premises. We’ll take a look at some of the main ones below.

Saving on Energy Bills

This is always one of the main reasons people decide to make the switch to LED lighting within their commercial premises. If you are lighting a building using filament bulb, you are going to be spending a lot more on electricity bills than the owner of a premises that is making efficient use of LED lighting.

LED lighting always has less of a payback time than filament bulbs. Meaning business owners and landlords can justify spending on an LED conversion.

More Efficient Lighting Layouts

This point is especially true if your commercial premises is home to your employees. If you are running a business, then your main concern is normally the productivity of your staff. It is often the case that staff are less productive in a room with an inefficient lighting set up. This can be caused by many things, incorrect spacing between lights and lights that are not ‘man’ enough to fill the space are the main factors.

LEDs can solve this issue by creating an environment where light is spread equally across the room. Your commercial electrician will be able to create a lighting layout that works for you and your business, ensuring that the available light is spread equally across your premises.

All of that will make your staff much more comfortable in their work environment, and therefore, more productive during their work day.

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