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Commercial LED Lighting Installation

We offer commercial lighting installation services throughout the country, specialising in LED lighting installation, office lighting, warehouse lighting and industrial lighting.

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At Commercial Electrical, we’ve built a reputation working alongside our sister company, Advanced Commercial Interiors (aci) for providing unrivalled quality when it comes to commercial electrical and LED lighting installations. We’ve provided our services to a diverse range of industries, across Nottingham, Derby and more, including:

  • Office Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Retail Lighting

Although there are other options available for commercial lighting installations, it is our experience at Commercial Electrical, that LED lighting is not just the best but also the most economical and cost effective method, especially in a commercial setting.

LED (light emitting diode) lights continue to grow in popularity with business owners not only because of the quality and uniformity of light they deliver but also for their versatility as they are suitable for illuminating anything from the smallest office to the largest warehouse.

Whether you are looking to replace an outdated and unsatisfactory lighting system or considering a new commercial LED lighting installation for your premises, we can use our experience to guide you as to which system is best suited to your needs.

At Commercial Electrical, we have assisted numerous companies, big and small, with high bay and low bay lighting as well as spotlight installations and are confident we can provide the ideal commercial lighting installation that best fits your business requirements.

Commercial Lighting Problems Solved

Although LED lights have now found their way into the home, it is in commercial use that they really shine, particularly in large buildings such as warehouses and factories but also in offices and shops where good lighting is essential.

  • High Bay Lighting. In any high-roofed building a lot of light is wasted as it is not directed to where it is needed most. This is not the case with LED high bay lighting as the light is distributed uniformly across the floor area due to the optics and reflectors used in the installation. LED lights are also better for illuminating vertical surfaces making them ideal for reading labels and cherry-picking
  • Low Bay Lighting. The only real difference from high bay lighting is the use of different lamp types, reflectors and optics to give optimal illumination in large areas with a low roof.
  • Spotlight Installations. LED spotlights are perfect for spaces too small to justify a full lighting installation. LED spotlights can be individually set at the required angle, are more durable than glass bulbs and ideal for outdoor use or as security lights.

The Future is Bright

Many people who might be considering upgrading their lighting system are put off by the initial costs of an LED installation. While they may be a little more expensive to purchase and install than fluorescent or halogen lights, these costs are more than offset by the advantages and a properly installed LED array will save money in the long run.

Energy Efficient – Commercial LED lighting is designed for maximum efficiency and use less electricity than other lighting systems. None of the energy is wasted through heat loss, as LED’s don’t generate heat, and savings on electric bills can be as high as 80% in comparison to halogen or fluorescent lights. These savings can be further increased if smart sensors and time switches are incorporated into the system.

Cost Effective – LED lights are much more durable than conventional bulbs and built to last. An LED diode can last almost ten times as long as a fluorescent bulb keeping replacement costs down. LED’s don’t give off heat and there can also be considerable savings on air conditioning and cooling costs.

Tax Efficient – Because LED lighting installations are energy saving, they are included in the Enhanced Capital Allowance energy scheme and qualify for certain tax allowances. Depending upon the installation, companies may be entitled to offset the total cost against taxable profits and also receive a reduction in the climate change levy.

Not only are LED lights a cost effective way of lighting your factory, warehouse or office but they also have health benefits. Whereas fluorescent lights flicker and the brightness varies, LED lights do not and the light emitted is constant. This is easier on the eyes and reduces eye-strain leading to happier staff and an increase in productivity.

The Big Switch

With so many advantages attached, now is the perfect time to make the switch to an LED commercial lighting installation and Commercial Electrical is here to help and guide you through the process. Why not call us today at 0115 736 5986 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to see what we can do for you!

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