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All business premises, industrial premises and rented properties need regular commercial electrical testing. Health and safety regulations require it, so if you are the owner of of such premises you will get a full professional service from us. We cover Nottingham, Derby and all areas in between.

Our services include the following:

  • Machinery testing
  • EICR testing
  • PAT testing
  • Plant preventative maintenance

When all tests have been carried out you will receive a report with the following categories:

  • A complete inventory of tested items
  • A complete set of test results
  • A report outlining recommendations
  • Details of any items that failed tests
  • A PAT certificate

Machinery Testing

It is necessary to test work equipment in order to determine if it is operationally sound and can be maintained and adjusted safely.

Any degradation must be nipped in the bud before it poses a health and safety risk. Some appliances do not require formal inspection to guarantee safety, but any equipment which may constitute a risk to health and safety if installed improperly must be tested.

A risk assessment will determine this.

PAT Testing

While many problems with portable electrical appliances – any movable equipment that can be plugged into a power socket – may be detected visually some faults can only be found through electrical testing.

However, visual testing is still necessary as some electrical defects cannot be picked up by electrical testing.

How often you do this depends on the kind of equipment and how it is used, so it is worth determining the optimum period for any given electrical item. All the leading electrical associations agree that it is advisable to test your portable electrical devices annually.

EICR Testing

Electrical installations, also called fixed wiring, the systems of electrical services and hard wiring in buildings, will naturally degrade with the passage of time.

Switches become loose, sockets get cracked, wiring disconnects, cables deteriorate, etc. Environmental conditions, for example corrosive chemicals, waste, extreme heat or cold, standards of maintenance and quality of components are other important factors in damage to electrical installations.

EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) checks are recommended by BS 7671: 2008(Regulation 351) which suggests that electrical installations should be inspected periodically.

Plant Preventative Maintenance

Plant Preventative Maintenance is a set of standard procedures and established best practice for the maintenance of plant infrastructure and machinery with a view to obviating hazardous levels of depreciation.

Tasks include such procedures as lubrication, adjustments, calibration, replacement or repair of parts. If you wish to extend the working life of your plant as far as possible, commercial electrical testing is a vital part of the process.

Our plant preventative maintenance service aims to nullify the threat of machinery breakdown, to ensure your business continues to run at full capacity.

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